DB3000 Note Sorters



System fieldDescription
Currency types:KSH , EURO and USD.
Counting modes:Automatic or manual Start mode, Continuous counting mode, Batch counting mode,Sheet
counting mode, Value counting mode (mixed, single, face, orientation), Sort mode.
Counting speed:

Level 1: 800 notes per minute.

Level 2: 1000 Notes per minute

Level 3: 1200 Notes per minute( counting with counterfeit

Level 4:1500 Notes per minute (only counting)

Counterfeit detection modes:UV, MG, MT, IR , FACE & ORIENTATION.
Currency recognition:4 directions.
Display type:Graphic LCD with blue backlight.
Hopper capacity:Up-to 500 Notes.
Stacker capacity:Up-to 200 notes.
Reject pocket capacity:Up-to 100 Notes (Default 50 notes).
Countable note:Size 40mm X 90mm-100mm X 175mm.
Printing option:YES.
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