Datecs DP-50

image of datecs dp50 an etr machine

Datecs DP-50


System field


PLU database: 2400 items
PLU name length: up to 22 characters
Maximum sold quantity of one item: up to 99 999,999kg (100,000 pieces)
Tax type: 4 tax groups – VAT: A,B,C,D
1 group – free from charges: E
1 group – catering levy F
1 group – service charges G
Inventory groups: up to 10 inventory groups
Departments: up to 4
Number of operators: up to 31 – annd of them up to 2 active
Types of service: control of store exit
ETR which serves one stand
Types of payment: cash, with check or invoice
cash with alternative currency (USD)

Daily report, X reports, PLU report & Fiscal Monthly report.

Fiscal memory: Non-volatile, can keep up to 1825 reports
Speed of printing: 12 rows / sec
Built-in accumulator: Yes
Consumables-thermopaper roll: paper width 57mm
thickness 60 ÷ 72-m, roller diameter up to 55mm
Connection to PC: USB
Power supply: mains adapter with operating voltage 220V
Ac +22/-33V 50Hz for charging of built-in accumulator

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