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Hyper Drive POS Solutions Ltd is a vibrant Information Technology firm, specializing in the sale and maintenance of IT equipment and Fiscal Devices in Kenya.

Welcome To Hyper Drive POS Solutions Ltd

We are HYPER DRIVE POS S0LUTIONS LTD (HDPOS). We engage in ICT products. We secure and protect your business so that you can utilize your energy in other areas of your business growth.

In today’s world, many businesses are prone to a variety of risks. While entrepreneurs are struggling to invest heavily into their businesses to improve performance and profitability, disloyal staff and fraudsters are busy planning on how to reap from your sweat through dubious activities that can be minimized or eradicated through protected systems and complete automation of businesses.

That is where we become handy to assist you in establishing very secured systems, ranging from the time the customer enters your store, movement between store shelves, and during payment and departure. We exist to provide you with the following services:

  1. Point of Sale Hardware & Software: To automate your business, monitor your stock, help in billing, manage Customers, manage Suppliers/Creditors, manage debtors, manage reports etc.
  2. Cctv Systems: To help you monitor the movement of customers in your store and detect suspicious characters and shop lifters so that you can contact security agents. Cctv Systems will be at hand to help you retrieve images of robbery and shoplifting incidences as well as activities of disloyal staff etc.
  3. KRA machines: To help you comply with all Kenya Revenue Authority Compliance issues in regard to the collection of both Input and Output VAT. We supply ETR machines, ESD machines and Fiscal printers.

Our POS hardware include: POS terminal, Touch monitors, Thermal receipt printers, barcode scanners, Barcode label printers, Ups, Cash drawers, Pole /customer displays, Magnetic card Reader, Computers, Printers, Fingerprint Readers, Cash Registers, Programmable keyboards.

Security equipment: Handheld metal detectors, Walkthrough metal detectors, Luggage Scanners etc.

Our Products are ideal for:

  • Supermarkets.
  • Wholesale and Retail Businesses.
  • Restaurants, Hotels, Lodgings and Bars.
  • Boutique, Garments and sports Stores.
  • Bookshops.
  • Chemist and Pharmacy.
  • Bakery, Pizza shops and Fast Food Joints.
  • Electronics and Computer Shops.
  • Schools/Colleges and Universties.
  • Salon & SPA.
  • Manufacturing Stores.
  • Hardware Stores.

Why Choose Us


Our software applications are built with latest trends while supporting most existing hardware. You will find them touch screen friendly as well as easy to use with mouse and keyboard interface. All applications are updated regularly and all updates are FREE!

Easy to use

Our user interface is mostly drive by icons or pictures. This makes it easy for operators to get used them quickly. You will find all the features available easily on the left panel, just like smart phone interface. Related operations for a feature are placed in the tool bar.

Custom Reports

The best thing about all our products is the ability to create custom reports. Our products will give you the ability to view your data in your way. You can create the reports you want with a simple drag and drop functionality. Moreover if you need help in creating these additional reports, our support team will be happy to help you get started.


We take implementation of our products very seriously. We are available over the phone and email.All our applications have error reporting built-in. You can submit your errors directly to our server from the applications. We have a dedicated team to watch for errors directly submitted to our servers and will get back in touch with you to resolve your problem. Or even you can send us an email about it.

Discover the product that represents your business!

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